Herm Edwards full message to NFL rookies (video)

Former NFL head coach Herman Edwards (Photo credit: ESPN)

Earlier, an edited version of the start of former NFL head coach Herm Edwards‘ message to NFL rookies attending the NFLPA’s The Business of Football: Rookie Edition in Sarasota, Florida was posted by ESPN.

Thanks to Pro Player Insiders (www.ProPlayerInsiders.com), an arm of the NFLPA, we have Edwards’ full presentation to the rookies in attendance in three parts. In this Summer of Lockout, the messages about personal accountability and being ready to play in the league and the responsibilities of life after college resonate. These are more than football lessons Edwards passes along, they are life lessons for those who actually listen.

Edwards has seen the NFL life from three sides. He bounced between California and Monterey Peninsula College, before playing his final college season at San Diego State. An undrafted free agent, Edwards didn’t miss a start in nine seasons as a cornerback with the Philadelphia Eagles, before splitting his final season with the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams in 1986.

He moved into coaching, eventually becoming the head coach of the New York Jets (2001-05) and the Kansas City Chiefs (2006-08). After leaving Kansas City, he moved into a new phase as a NFL studio analyst and college football game analyst for ESPN.

Here is Edwards’ speech in three parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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