NFLPA recertifies; CBA negotiations continue

One of the final roadblocks to a final CBA between the NFL owners and players has been cleared, as NFL Network’s Albert Breer announced via Twitter that the NFLPA has recertified as a union after they reached the 50 percent plus one vote of players around the league.

Breer’s two Tweets from early Saturday afternoon:

It’s official – In advance of today’s CBA negotiations, the NFLPA has reestablished itself as a union. Done deal, trade association no more.

The NFLPA needed a majority vote to become a union again. Spent much of the week collecting union cards.

The NFL and NFLPA can now work on the final points of the CBA that had to wait: Commissioner discipline, workers’ compensation, benefits, drug testing, etc. The two sides are meeting today to begin the process now that the NFLPA is a bargaining unit again. The sides will have until August 4 to complete the CBA as outlined in the agreement the two sides reached early this week.

The NFLPA website ( is back up and running today after showing 404: Football Not Found on the front page since the start of the lockout in mid-March. But the only page showing as of early Saturday afternoon was a login page for Member Services.

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