A personal note from Chris Pika (Nov. 10, 2011)

We all know that the current economy has been tough on many of us, and I found out how tough it was on the publishing business late last week when I lost my full-time job as an editor of sports book titles for an Atlanta-based company after four-plus years.

I started this blog just over a year ago to leverage my NFL experience and to write about I learned working in both pro and college sports in media relations/web site content work. I write about the things I find interesting, and I found that many of you reading the site also wanted to learn more about what I was posting. I’ve tried to bring you that info, and more, from sources the public doesn’t know about in a way that is accessible to everyone.

I am fascinated by sports PR in today’s social media world, and have written about that extensively here and on my Twitter feed (@BlogAndTackle). I also focus on the inside game of football PR and the info given out by the NFL and the clubs to help tell a story in numbers and anecdotes. It really has been something I’ve enjoyed doing, and I’ve gotten some great traction from Deadspin.com, and radio interviews in Honolulu, Chicago and Sarasota, as well as my weekly Friday appearances and web postings on my “home” station of WNST in Baltimore (WNST.net). My work was also published on NFL.com a few years ago.

So, being someone who works in the social media space on Twitter and writes this blog, I decided to come here to see what my next adventure might be. After all, if you work in the publicity field in any form, you understand the value of promotion — mostly promoting others and pushing them out front, while staying in the background.

But, I need to step out front, because many of you reading the site are sports media relations professionals, web site editors and the like. I know who some of you are, and I probably would be surprised about who I don’t know. Opportunities come from the strangest of places, and I want to leave nothing to chance, especially with my background.

That’s where you, dear reader, come in. I don’t want to bore anyone with reciting a resume. You can get a short synopsis of my career and experiences here on the site, or you can click on LinkedIn.com here to read my full resume.

I am looking for full-time or contract public/media relations opportunities within the sports world, if possible. I also will entertain writing/editing positions for web sites. Full-time would be nice, but I also know it’s a freelance world out there, as I do some work already in web site & television production areas.

It’s all about earning a living using my skills and experiences, the hope a lot of us in the same boat have. If after reading my info, you have something I might be interested in, want to set up a radio interview on NFL or sports PR topics or you want to know a little more about me and the site, feel free to send a note via the form below.

As for BlogAndTackle.net, it continues as before. It is a labor of love for me, and a way to connect to football fans from all over. I appreciate your readership and your time.

Chris Pika

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