2011 Baltimore Ravens regular season and postseason play direction report

One of the great tools the NFL provides through its media-only NFLGSIS site is a way to see how teams attack on offense through the ground and air, and how opponents choose to attack them — all by direction.

Now, gameplans are different depending on the opponent, but tendencies can be seen as you look at the data. Some teams will pick on a particular side of the offensive line when running the ball or take more shots downfield than throw short.

We will break down all four teams involved in this Sunday’s AFC and NFC Championship Games, starting with the AFC visitors, the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens, as well as their opponents in the AFC title game, the New England Patriots, have played only one game in the postseason, so the regular-season numbers may be more informational.

Here is the Ravens’ offense and defense rushing play direction report, with plays, average gain and NFL regular season rank (out of 32 teams) and postseason rank (out of 12 teams). Note that on offense, the higher the rank number for average gain (rush and pass) and passing completion percentage (1, 2, 3) the better, and on defense, the lower rank number for the same categories is better (30, 31, 32).

First, the regular season rushing offense for Baltimore:

And the postseason rushing offense for the Ravens:

Next, the regular season rushing defense for Baltimore:

And the postseason rushing defense for the Ravens:

And the passing play direction report with plays, average gain, completion percentage and NFL postseason rank (short is 14 or less yards at point of reception/incompletion/interception; long is 15 or more yards):

Here is the regular season passing offense for Baltimore:

The postseason passing offense for the Ravens:

The regular season passing defense for Baltimore:

The postseason passing defense for the Ravens:

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